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Click, select, and just like that -- your files are deleted using an intelligence agency-level file deletion
algorithm that no one can defeat.

You can choose from among 10 different shredding pattern algorithms plus a custom setting and from
1 to 100 passes using the chosen algorithm. All the shredding power, and more, that you'll most likely
ever need. As Jack likes to say, "a little overkill is a good thing".

Jack also has a complete "Drive cleaner" function which shreds the previously deleted files on your
computer. Great when selling or disposing of your PC -- because "your old computer could come back to
haunt you!"

In this age of rampant I.D. theft, everyone needs a file shredder like Jack the Shredder.

Click for Screen ShotsIncludes a FREE copy of 'Chief Inspector'!

With each copy of Jack the Shredder, you also get a free copy of 'Chief Inspector', the built-in file and hard drive analyzer that "actually shows you" just how unsafe it is to leave un-shredded files around.

Click on the badge and 'Chief Inspector' opens and scans your hard drive for recoverable files, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the files you think you've "deleted" are in fact very much intact and accessible to everyone who cares to seek them out.

Want to see something really scary? Install Jack the Shredder for the first time and let 'Chief Inspector' show you files on your hard drive that you thought were deleted but are actually waiting for someone else to come along and restore!

Yes, Jack the Shredder is the first file shredder to offer proof of the error in your way of thinking about deleted files; an error that can harm you, your business, even your loved ones in ways you never before thought possible.

More control! More features! More safety!

Jack the Shredder combines precision file removal with total control; it's probably the most full-featured file shredder you'll ever see.

Just look at the features that come standard:

  • File/Folder shredder with a choice of 10 shredding algorithms.
  • Up to 100 passes (user selectable).
  • Recycle Bin File Eradicator.
  • Complete Drive Cleaner function (aka free-space shredding).
  • Password Protection to restrict access from unauthorized users.
  • Unique Safety Mode prevents accidental shredding.
  • Set up 'Exclusions' to prohibit shredding by file type or attribute.
  • Set up Preset Folders for files you frequently want shredded.
  • Drag and Drop files and folders onto Jack to shred them.
  • Right-click on any file or folder to open the shredder.
  • Print a 'Log Page' list of deleted files and folders.
  • Includes 'Chief Inspector' – our built-in file and hard drive analyzer.
  • Toggle sound effects and scary messages on and off to warn you before shredding.
  • And more
     Demo   Click here for Demo

Are you ready to unleash the power and the fury?
Unleash Jack the Shredder, including your free copy of Chief Inspector Here.