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If you are at all familar with the tale of "Jack", you'll also know that he taunted Scotland Yard with a series of clues, many of which had "hidden" meanings.

With each copy of Jack the Shredder, you also get a free copy of 'Chief Inspector', the built-in file and hard drive analyzer that seeks out "hidden" files and actually shows you just how unsafe it is to leave un-shredded files around.

Click on the badge and 'Chief Inspector' opens and scans your hard drive for recoverable files, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the files you think you’ve “deleted” are in fact very much intact, "hidden", and accessible to everyone who cares to seek them out.

Want to see something really scary? Install Jack the Shredder for the first time and let 'Chief Inspector' show you files on your hard drive that you thought were deleted but are actually waiting for someone else to come along and restore!

What, or who, is the "Chief Inspector"? How can he help me?

Your free copy of Chief Inspector is on the job to prove to you that your "deleted" files and data of any kind is in fact not really deleted. This refers to data that is no longer hanging around in your Recycle Bin but that you have deleted by emptying the Bin, giving you a false sense of security about your data, and your privacy.

When you open Chief Inspector, there is a large Start Button for you to click on. This starts a scan of the Free-space (unused space) of your computer's hard drive. After a few minutes the scan completes and then Chief Inspector shows you some images and text and document files that were previously "deleted".

The data that is shown to you is retrieved from the Free-space area of the hard drive and, using special filtering methods, a selection of intact images is listed from largest file size on down. The nature of this retrieval is to some degree random, due to the complex way data is stored on the hard drive.

Please keep in mind the purpose of this scan; to demonstrate the value and need of using a file shredder.

And there's a second purpose to Chief Inspector. The same scanning procedure will put your mind at ease that Jack the Shredder is securely destroying the files you ask it to.